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We, here at Anderson Landscape Designs and Anderson Maintenance and Construction, wish you a healthy and prosperous new year in 2014. We have big plans for a new season of landscape programs from our maintenance division to construction and into landscape design. I have a registered landscape architect/designer coming on board in July and plan on opening an office for the public. We look forward to this along with our standard services of Maintenance and Construction. The season of winter is already too long for many of us and we are really looking to start the season as soon as the snow melts and we can get out and work on the grounds. I hope to see you then and wish you all the best this year and many more to come.

Yours in business,
Paul D. Anderson

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It is finally a welcome time for us "Noreasters". Everyone in now seeing the telltale signs that winter is gone for another year. We have the beauty of the Bradford Pears all in White along with the Star Magnolias. The WithchHazels in Yellow and the Saucer Magnolias we see in their majenta flowers. It is a time for flowers and the warm smell of the dirt as the earth "Springs" back to life. What a joy indeed.


Now is certainly time for the "Spring Cleaning" needs of the yard. Leaves need to be cleaned out of the plants and beds need edges and mulched along with a nice shot of balanced fertilizer. This will certainly help the coming flowers on all the plants waiting to burst forth with their genetic beauty. The lawn programs jump into high gear with the pre-emergent Crabgrass control going on first….and then a mild shot of fertilizer. Do no over do it with the fertilizer programs…the energy in the root systems are enough for the first blast of spring growth…THEN…replenish the food spent. Over fertilizing is a common "bad habit" that promotes diseases in the turf…ie. Leaf Spot being one of the worst. For your spring cleaning questions give me a shout at [email protected]


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As the new year began for our area of the country in the NorthEast United States, specifically, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our friend Punsatawny Phil predicated an early spring with an end to an already long and cold winter. Now it is said that "Phil" was mis-handled and the great "Pubha" in "punksy" is taking the blame. Some cities mayors have even gone as far as suing him….Ha only in America.


Well, needless to say, he was wrong. I saw that we had 70 out of 79 days with precipitation of some type since new year. SO WHAT!!!! We have had a long and cold snowy winter here this year and we all look forward to it's magic act of disappearing every year no matter what type of winter we have because it is SPRING! YES!. Life in the Northeast comes with that HUGE benefit. Each and every year, we get the change of the seasons with each one bringing it's individual benefits along with some penalties. Well there isn't a place in the country that does not appreciate the beauty of Spring and if you live here, you especially know what I mean…So Thank you Lord……bring on the magic.!!


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Hello to all and to all a good year. Lets start with my wish for a Healthy and Happy New Year this coming season of 2013. I am not going to get too worked up or try to prepare for the Mayan calendar "implosion" on December 21. God will handle that.

This is the end of another fine season of landscape maintenance, design and installations here at ANDERSONLANDSCAPEDESIGNS.COM. I want to sincerely say….thank you to all of you fine people…..My customers, for another season, our (36th year ) of successful operations, designs, plantings, lawn care and treatments and maintenance services. We appreciate the trust you put in us and it has been a joy to work for all of you. I am very thankful to be in this business of beautifying and taking care of the earth….along with Mother Nature, of course. We have been GREEN forever. [[READ MORE]]

Holy Heater Hot

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We have finally gotten some well sought after and necessary water from the heavens. Whether it is God or Mother Nature is unimportant to me…we just need rain….and lots more of it. Watering is not only time consuming and expensive, you just can't replace the nutrients that come with the natural rain. Many people have resorted to letting the lawns go "brown", which is correct. The lawn is dormant" to protect itself by not having to grow under stress and cause any further damage.


There are some pests the proliferate during this crisis and now is a time for grub controls. Japanese beetles have not been a problem for several years but their life cycle begins from a grub that is found in your lawn. My feelings are the same every years for the many years we have been in business….whatever the conditions…deal with it best you can. Just like the Emerald Ash Borer killing the Ash trees by the millions, we have no control. You have to adapt to the conditions as they come. Plants and Animals for centuries have adapted to the enviornmental changes and so will I…..spoken like I actually think I have a choice…..HAHA!

DuPont Says Claims Over Herbicide

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DuPont, which introduced a herbicide last year that was later linked to the deaths of thousands of trees, has begun processing claims for compensation that are running into the hundreds of millions of dollars, company officials said.

Some 30,000 homeowners, golf courses, municipalities and landscapers across the country have submitted claims, said Rik Miller, DuPont’s president for crop protection. The formal deadline for submission was Feb. 1, but a few are still trickling in and are being accepted, he added.

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Paul Anderson and his great staff have provided landscaping services to West View Authority at multiple locations for over twenty years.
West View Water believes strongly in being a good neighbor and "putting its best foot forward" in the community. Mr. Anderson understands that concept. The Administration Building located at 210 Perry Highway always receives comments about the landscape, design, maintenance, flowers and the beautifully manicured trees.

I highly recommend Mr. Anderson for landscape design and installation.”

Director of Administrations
West View Water Authority

"I have worked with Anderson Design & Landscaping Company for 14 years. I had remodeled on older home that had a lot of property. Other companies would say " You are not my only customer…we can't finish this job for another month"! When we were just moving in, it was important to us that we complete the landscaping. There was never a "we can't" in Paul's demeanor. Your vision is his vision. If you don't have a design in mind for your property, he & his team will create one. When Anderson Landscaping is at my home I love it so much that I am out there working with the guys…they have become family!!.”

Pittsburgh, PA


"We have been using Anderson Landscaping for about eight years and are always very satisfied with their work. We have always let Paul do what he thinks would look best and the results have always been great. They are always efficient and neat, and if there is ever a problem with something, they take care of it immediately. I would highly recommend them to anyone..”

Pittsburgh, PA


"Paul Anderson and his team did a fantastic job with my landscape. Paul's knowledge and ability to see the perfect layout was great. Even the design plan Paul gave us was right on. Thanks Paul. .”

Sewickley, PA


"I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on several projects. Paul has the extraordinary ability to look at something and offer a completely different opinion that what the homeowner might have in mind. He is usually right, too. Paul's cheerful attitude and his willingness to listen to his customers is what sets him apart from other landscaping companies. I have recommended Paul to several friends and will use him again!.”

West Division Finance