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Hello to all and to all a good year. Lets start with my wish for a Healthy and Happy New Year this coming season of 2013. I am not going to get too worked up or try to prepare for the Mayan calendar "implosion" on December 21. God will handle that.


This is the end of another fine season of landscape maintenance, design and installations here at ANDERSONLANDSCAPEDESIGNS.COM. I want to sincerely say….thank you to all of you fine people…..My customers, for another season, our (36th year ) of successful operations, designs, plantings, lawn care and treatments and maintenance services. We appreciate the trust you put in us and it has been a joy to work for all of you. I am very thankful to be in this business of beautifying and taking care of the earth….along with Mother Nature, of course. We have been GREEN forever.


It is time to feed the plant beds and lawn areas with fertilizers. IT might even be a bit late to aerate the lawn areas but this ever so important service should not be overlooked. The procedure we have used for annual lawn care is a proven method with Fertilization, Weed Controls and Aeration twice a year in spring and fall. The first service of the springtime of PreEmergent Crabgrass Control should also be part of a comprehensive program for healthy turf but is not done unless there is a visual infestation and mostly in the full sun areas. We are fully aware of overdone lawn services and not in the business of "generic" applications. Each program is tailored to fit your needs with soil tests taken to determine specifically what your need is. After site inspection and test results, we can apply exactly what is necessary to bring your soil to exactly what your turf needs for it to look its full best. This also applies to landscape planting and installation.


Now is the time to be planting any large trees, as long as they have already been dug at the nurseries. It is best to dig stock trees without leaves….so unless they are overstocked and purchases can be "bargained", most of them are now done for the year


We are planning on the winter to be light and will take a nice break now as we work on the paperwork and office preparations for next season…along with designing. It is one of the many benefits of a seasonally dependent operation. It is a nice break for the daily 7as- 7p. Six days a week that we are used to. I love it and would not have it any other way.


May God bless you and Keep You, may he make his face shine on you and be gracious unto you …..And may the peace of God, which passes all understanding, be in your hearts and mine, for ever and ever. AMEN.



Paul Anderson and his great staff have provided landscaping services to West View Authority's five locations for twenty years.
Werst View Water believes strongly in being a good neighbor and "putting its best foot forward" at all times and Mr. Anderson understands that concept. The Administration Building located on Perry Highway always receives comments about the flowers and the beautifully manicured trees.

I highly recommend Mr. Anderson for landscape design and installation.”

Director of Administrations
West View Water Authority

"I have worked with Anderson Design & Landscaping Company for 14 years. I had remodeled on older home that had a lot of property. Other companies would say " You are not my only customer…we can't finish this job for another month"! When we were just moving in, it was important to us that we complete the landscaping. There was never a "we can't" in Paul's demeanor. Your vision is his vision. If you don't have a design in mind for your property, he & his team will create one. When Anderson Landscaping is at my home I love it so much that I am out there working with the guys…they have become family!!.”

Pittsburgh, PA


"We have been using Anderson Landscaping for about eight years and are always very satisfied with their work. We have always let Paul do what he thinks would look best and the results have always been great. They are always efficient and neat, and if there is ever a problem with something, they take care of it immediately. I would highly recommend them to anyone..”

Pittsburgh, PA


"Paul Anderson and his team did a fantastic job with my landscape. Paul's knowledge and ability to see the perfect layout was great. Even the design plan Paul gave us was right on. Thanks Paul. .”

Sewickley, PA


"I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on several projects. Paul has the extraordinary ability to look at something and offer a completely different opinion that what the homeowner might have in mind. He is usually right, too. Paul's cheerful attitude and his willingness to listen to his customers is what sets him apart from other landscaping companies. I have recommended Paul to several friends and will use him again!.”

West Division Finance